Children of Morta Shrine of Challenge PLAZA Free Download

Children of Morta Shrine of Challenge Plaza is a free game that you can download on your PC. It is an adventure, indie, and action game with fabulous visuals.

Also, in the game, the available language is only English. This is repackaged by Plaza, and the size of the game is about 1.4 GB.

Furthermore, the game is different from others because you do not play only one character but a family full of heroes. You have to fight various enemies in caves, lands, and dungeons so that the Bergson family can protect everyone.


It is a mix of adventure and action with RPG, hacks, slash, and rogue-lite. When you level up, not only the character you are playing levels up but also the entire family. Also, there is no permadeath. Moreover, in between fights with the enemies, you can change the family members you are playing with.


Children of Morta Shrine of Challenge PLAZA is a story set in a distant land, but it has included emotions and themes common for us, such as love, ultimate loss, sacrifice, longing, uncertainty, and hope.

Moreover, it is about the family of heroes who are fighting the encroaching enemies.

Characters And Skills

You can do many things in the game, such as blocks, ranged attacks, passive skills, stuns, magic spells, and evasions. Moreover, it would help if you fought the enemies to discover all the skills and unlock them. After getting the skill, you can upgrade it as you play the game.

Furthermore, you can select from 6 different family members, and each of them has different skill sets.

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John, the father, is a warrior who has a shield and sword. Linda, the daughter who is a precise archer. Lucy has the power of fire. Mark is a fighter who is excellent at martial arts. Kevin has unique draggers, which are very useful during fights. Lastly, Joey smashes the enemies with his sledgehammer.

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