Frostpunk Free Download

Frostpunk is a free game that you can download on your PC. There is a direct link you can find for Windows. Also, it is a strategy-based and simulation game.

The game was published by 11 Bits Studies, who was also the creator of the popular game “This War of Mine.” The game is survival-based, where human beings are at the brink of becoming extinct.

Furthermore, in this world, the planet is becoming colder day by day due to the volcanic winter. Hence the government of the country builds generators in various places which will generate heat.

Features of the Game

These are the important features of the game that you can experience once you start playing it.

#1 Frostpunk is a type of game survival game, and in this world, heat is equal to life. Hence every decision related to hearing comes with a price. Now you are responsible for making the last town in the world, and you need to find resources so that the people in the town can survive.

#2 Here the survival is all about hope. So you need to encourage the people and let them know not to lose hope or their will to live.

#3 This group of people follow the same rules and regulations and have similar beliefs. Hence you have to make laws that will maintain peace in this growing society.

Moreover, it would help if you decided their work pattern, food provision, healthcare, and other important things of daily life. Also, you need to maintain these people’s hope and happiness.

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Not only are enough resources important, but also you need to check their emotions. Both of these affect the game.

#4 There are few tasks such as how to manage a problematic citizen or what to do when there is a newborn baby. But remember, all your decisions might lead to unpredictable results.

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