Frostpunk On The Edge HOODLUM Free Download

Frostpunk On the Edge Hoodlum is the final content of Season Pass, and it was released in August 2020. On the Edge Hoodlum is the sequel of the main game, which includes new game mechanics and more challenges.

Moreover, you will be playing as the leader of the “Outpost 11”. It is formed by the scouting party based in New London. This army warehouse is still uncovered by the storm.

Furthermore, outpost 11 is required to satisfy the demands for resources in exchange for food. This caused the workers to revolt. The workers would strike so that they can have their independence in New London. Also, at some point, you need to give a name to the outpost.

However, unlike others, the outpost does not have any generator. They are forced to depend on coal-fired braziers for various reasons, similar to the last level of “The Last Autumn.”

Also, they have limited resources, and that’s why they depend majorly on trades with other people.

Besides, later in the game, you will be informed that New London is in danger, and you have to help them and save this city. You can also leave it to fate, but you need to prepare yourself for the new refugees.

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