How to Balance Videos Games and Learning

How to Balance Videos Games and Learning

Video games have been a part of your life? As a child, this addiction did not affect people too much. However, once they began to play more and more and once you may find your productivity just disappeared.

Videogames will always be popular. You can play all day and feel guilty, or you can integrate gaming into your day. The second option was the better choice.

Accept the waste of time

Unless you are a full-time player in eSports, or you make gaming videos on Youtube, you won’t be able to produce any content while playing videogames.

While you can still find meaning and learn from them, the main goal is to have fun and relax. Are you inclined to agree?

What are you playing for? Do you play for fun, or to make money and be famous?

It’s much easier to decide whether you should play games if gaming is viewed as something that’s not productive. Because most of the decisions we make every day are automatic, consciously. Videogame addiction can be triggered by lack of motivation or potential obstacles at work. Before you know it, a whole day has passed without any real accomplishments. Answer yourself when was the last time you written your assignment, not use the custom essay writing service?

You may ask, “Should I eliminate all activities that don’t produce any results?”

Gaming should be considered a necessary activity. It is important to have a time where we can forget about our problems and get away from the real world. Other people might think that this means doing drugs or watching TV, but it is not for us.

It’s like cheating on a weight loss program. You can have whatever you want for a day and reduce your cravings.

Gaming is considered a non-important and non-urgent activity. Videogames fall into the fourth quadrant. To a mininum. It is not completely eliminated.

It is important to keep our heads together and be aware of how much time we are spending on such activities.

Do you want to play League of Legends all day? Maybe you want to do well at work. Pick the most important thing and reward yourself with pentakills.

Gaming should be a reward. It is impossible to eliminate it completely. This will lead to excessive gaming.

Plan the Unproductive

You can’t know how long a task should take before you give up. This is something that every gamer will recognize. Here’s an example:

– “OK. I will play a few games.”

Six matches later…

– “Well, now that I have finished this, I don’t think I can do anything productive.” You might as well have more fun. But what if it will be the only activity?

Okay, you stopped gaming… 

Now what?

You have successfully purged your pleasure-seeking mind.

Now, gently stroke the skin and tell him everything will be fine.

Let’s assume that you were rewarded with gaming and now want to go back to something productive.

Two techniques are recommended and are extremely helpful in getting people into productive gear are:

1. The Pomodoro Technique 

It is the most used productivity tool. It’s simple and efficient. Set a timer for 25 minutes after your gaming session and focus only on productivity.

You can find a blog post and a video on productivity tools, including the Pomodoro technique.

2. Focusing apps

One like the Forest. Every time you begin a productive activity, plant and grow a tree. As long as your phone is open to a productivity app, the tree will continue to grow. If you cut down your baby tree, you will be a screamer. Murderer!

The tree will die if you open another app, such as Instagram. Simple idea. VERY powerful results. It is worth a shot.

These tools will get you started and put you in work mode.

We hope you learned how to manage your time and make a border between playing and learning/working.

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