6 FAQs that newbies have about using no deposit bonuses for gambling! 

6 FAQs that newbies have about using no deposit bonuses for gambling! 


Cricket ID bonuses are now a critical marketing asset for casinos looking to bring in new customers and secure their loyalty.

Online Cricket Betting ID around the world have noticed that by offering risk-free bonuses, they are able to bring in customers and maintain their loyalty over time because of these perks.

Initially, many different bonuses were presented with unclear terms. These offers only led players astray and made it more difficult for them to claim their winnings.

Since then, licensing authorities have fine-tuned bonus offerings by increasing casino competition and pressure. In turn, the bonuses introduced have been much improved for the sake of keeping customers.

It is now easier than ever to spot no deposit bonuses in casinos worldwide, and these offers have fair terms!

Newbie players gravitate towards no deposit bonuses because it eliminates risk. It is also easy to claim no deposit bonuses and cash prizes through online casinos.

If you’re wondering what’s so great about no deposit bonuses, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 FAQs that newbies have about using no deposit bonuses for gambling!

1. What Is A No Deposit Bonus?

It is no longer difficult to come across casino bonuses; the struggle is knowing which bonuses to go for and which to avoid. Depending on the kind of gambler you are, the bonuses to run with vary.

Average casinos only expect registration, which is helpful for new players who want to play without risk. Most of the time, these bonuses are granted with no deposit.

The wagering terms are complicated, and the bonuses are usually between $10 and $20.

Some no deposit bonuses are time-sensitive so if you don’t plan to play your games all at once, be aware that the offer might expire, and you could lose your chance to claim your bonus.

Make sure you understand the requirements to fulfill your bonus claim. You might need to meet specific wagering requirements, a set playthrough, or a total of winnings before the bonus can be applied or handed over to you.

2. How Do No Deposit Bonuses Compare To Deposit Bonuses?

With deposit bonuses, the bonus you receive depends on the deposit that you provide. Regardless of the amount you offer, the bonuses you get are between 50%-100% of the deposit amount.

The rules vary depending on the casino, of course, so don’t be surprised if you get the chance for a 200% or 300% bonus.

Likewise, some limitations cap the potential bonus amounts. For instance, if you place a $150 deposit, your bonus won’t exceed 150%.

3. Are Free Spins Also Bonuses?

Free spins are not bonuses to begin with. With free spins, you can play lucky slots for free. The winnings are turned into credit for a bonus account if you win.

Even if you win, this is only a starting point, as you need to fulfill additional terms to send your credits to your account and claim your cash.

4. How Do You Claim Your No Deposit Bonuses?

Registering for a no deposit bonus doesn’t mean that you can withdraw your bonus right away.

To claim your bonus, you have to wager your bonus a set amount of times as specified in the wager requirements.

This is because the total of your bets in a game has to be greater than the original value.

Here is an example:

Say you have wager requirements of 40x with a $100 bonus. To claim your bonus, you need to wager $4,000 in bets.

However, if you are playing slots and your spin is for $10, you need to make 400 spins no matter the number of wins and losses.

It is difficult to meet all of these demands, so most of the time, players lose their bonuses. To avoid losing, you can plan your steps ahead of time and then take advantage of the maximum offer.

Not all games are available for bonuses, and this is especially true for games with higher payouts.

The wagering requirements typically contain limits that are greater than usual terms to compensate for the high payout potentiality. Limitations can extend to 20 times more than standard terms.

5. Is A Cashback Bonus Another Kind Of No Deposit Bonus?

Technically, you can consider a cashback bonus to be a kind of consultation price. Basically, for the amount of money you lose while playing, the casino will give you back a percentage of your losses in bonuses.

With no deposit bonuses, you already know the stakes from the start, and you have the opportunity to make more in winnings rather than earn back a portion of your losses.

6. Do Loyalty Programs Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

The specifications of a casino’s loyalty program are not necessarily going to reflect the terms of another casino. Loyalty programs are only set up to keep players interested.

Although loyalty programs are very different from one casino to the next, many loyalty programs include points for online games and player competitions.

A casino’s loyalty program may offer no deposit bonuses, but you would need to get in touch with the casino to know the rules for their loyalty program.

Be Selective With Online Casinos

If you find an online casino that does not spell out its terms and conditions to back its promotions and offers, it is probably illegitimate and should be avoided.

Always check the reputation of the casino you are playing from to ensure that it is reputable. Better to lose your money fair and square than to have it stolen, right?

Get Into Gambling With Zero Risk

If you’re new to online gambling and are looking to learn the lay of the land without risk, no deposit bonuses are an easy way to get started.

Make sure you understand the casino’s rules and requirements to obtain your no deposit bonuses so you can claim your earnings at the end.

Other than that, newbies should be careful which casinos they play from and make an effort to advocate for cashback bonuses for any losses!


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