Are Online Slots Still Legal to Play in the UK?

Are Online Slots Still Legal to Play in the UK?

The UK enjoys a thriving gambling scene. From high street betting shops and all-night casinos to the booming online sector for sports betting and casino betting, there is an option for UK gamblers – check out Free Bet Slot.

UK gamblers and operators benefit from the liberal gambling laws. While this may sound biased for a Brit, the UK approach compares favourably to legal positions of other jurisdictions like the USA and Germany while not being too relaxed to allow scammers.

Although the laws are liberal, there are a few regulations and legal provisions that gamblers should know. But what is the legal position? Read on to find out.

Are Online Slots Legal in the UK?

Fortunately, playing slots in the UK is legal. While land-based slots have been legal since their introduction, the UK didn’t legalize online slots until 2005. But ever since, these games have been legal, and their popularity is growing.

However, there are some terms and conditions to be followed. The most obvious is that one must legally be over 18 to play online slots. Furthermore, operators must be fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

How Slot Sites are Licensed

It is a requirement for gambling operators in the UK to be licensed. This applied to online casinos and bookmarkers too. Recent changes to the UK gambling law have tightened the licensing requirements for operators a little. In the past, licenses from any global jurisdiction were accepted, but now operators are required to be licensed in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The UKGC issues license to operators and ensure that they comply with the law. Different licenses are available depending on the type of gambling services an operator offers. It is also a requirement to renew the licence at regular intervals.

The Gambling Commission is responsible for preventing crime from gambling, preventing minors from harmful gambling, and ensuring fairness for players. The Gambling Act set up the commission in 2005 and is responsible for overseeing the entire industry in the UK.

So, Are All Slot Games Legal in the UK?

It would be correct to say that slots are legal in the UK. However, some rules and regulations by the UKGC determine whether an online game is legal in the UK. For an online slot to be legal in the UK, it must:

  •         Not encourage users to chase their winnings
  •         Online slot sites must provide bankroll management features
  •         Not allowing players to buy bonus features

While the Bonus Buy feature is common in most online slots, it is not allowed in the UK. Before any online slot operator can provide online slots in the UK, they must disable the bonus buy feature. Mostly, they do this by creating a version of the game that follows the UKGC regulations. Therefore, you will get all the fun.

Online betting is legal in the UK. Online slots are also legal, but there are some regulations on what to offer in terms of game features like Proteinrealm. However, slot developers have devised ways to ensure that Brits can enjoy their favourite slot game while adhering to the commission’s rules and regulations.

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