Buying Guide: Things to look for while buying a 5g Smartphone

Buying Guide: Things to look for while buying a 5g Smartphone

Many latest and advanced 5G smartphones have been launched in the market in the past few months. The excitement for 5G smartphones has risen since its launch, and many people are eager to buy them. The latest 5G phones can provide fast download speed, increased network reliability, reduced latency, more network capacity, best network availability, and best overall performance with improved efficiency. Besides providing faster speeds to smartphone users, 5G ushers in a new era of mobile technology that accelerates the adoption of the Internet of Things. 

Listed below are a few aspects you should consider while buying a 5G smartphone in India

Processing Speed

It is important to know that there are many factors to consider when determining the processing power of a smartphone. It is undeniable that any smartphone’s processor is the device’s brain. As the system’s core function, it is responsible for maintaining the device’s overall performance. When you are looking to buy the latest mobile phones, take a look at the processing speed, which is expressed in terms of GHz.

As the value rises, the speed of the processor will increase, as well as the processor speed. If you are looking for the latest mobile phones, you should look for a phone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, as they offer the best value for money and a better price-to-performance arrangement. 

Operating System

You can choose from two main operating systems: Android and iOS. Whether you have decided to use Google Play or not, a wide variety of versions are available. Make sure you check the Android version that the smartphone runs before you buy it if you are going to buy the best smartphone under 30000.

It would help if you only bought smartphones powered by Android 9 Pie and Android 10 as they will continue to support them for two years and you can stay updated.


In today’s world, the camera of any of the best 5G phones is one of the most important features. You should also pay attention to several camera features before buying the best 5G phones, such as – the number of cameras, aperture size, megapixels, special effects, manual modes, hybrid autofocus, and optical stabilizer, and many more. It is possible to test the camera in a store and then and there by yourself and decide whether or not it is worth it while you’re there


The latest mobile phones have two kinds of memory: RAM and ROM. The RAM of a smartphone determines the speed of the smartphone and the number of apps it can keep running in the background, while the ROM is used for storing the system and the media files it can store. It is also referred to as internal storage, containing everything you want to store on your phone, such as apps, photos, videos, emails, etc.

As a result, checking the smartphone’s RAM and internal storage capacity is necessary before buying it. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you’re a heavy user, you should check into purchasing a larger storage area. If you need to save a lot of heavy media files, you can later use cloud storage to get additional storage.

Sound Quality

If you want to watch movies on the internet, listen to music, or play video games, the twin speakers of the most recent 5G phones are incredibly amazing and powerful. The latest mobile phones contain two speakers, which enables stereo output and increased volume levels. Additionally, the phone’s size enables enormous speakers to reproduce high-quality sound at high volumes.

Fingerprint Sensor

Nowadays, most smartphones come equipped with extra security features such as fingerprint and iris sensors that can be used to verify the device’s identity. There are many uses for this feature, but not only for locking/unlocking a handset; you can also use it to create a password that will allow you to access specific files, documents, or apps. In light of the increasing number of people keeping personal information on their phones, it would be wise to buy the latest mobile phones with extra security features.

Build quality

The durability of the latest mobile phones is directly proportional to its build quality. The entire mobile phone handset market may be roughly broken down into two distinct builds: plastic and metal. Even a few have glass-coated panels, but unfortunately, this is a very rare feature.

If you are one of those people who frequently drop their smartphone, it is recommended that you purchase one of the best 5G phones made of metal or plastic rather than one made entirely of plastic. These can survive falls of up to two to three feet, while handsets made of glass are guaranteed to break.

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