How to Play Poker Online at Casino

How to Play Poker Online at Casino

The game of Cricket ID is undeniably a game that takes a little while to get the gist of, but after that, you could be playing the world’s top poker stars because of as much of an element of skill it has, poker also relies heavily on the luck of the draw.

It is for that reason that the world heaved a sigh of relief when Online Cricket Betting ID at an online casino became a reality. Now, players all across the globe can challenge each other and win real money in online casinos – play Hot Hot 777s.

If you know the rules to poker, then you need not look further, but for those starting out who want to know a few tricks, then we have the guide for you!

What are the Basic Online Poker Rules?

The rules to online poker at casino sites are usually the same as the rules for offline poker, so, to make life easier, we have condensed the standard rules of Texas Hold’em (the most popular variant of online poker) just for you.

Read on to know how you could be winning heaps of cash in online casinos:

  •       The cards – Players, up to a maximum of 10 usually, sit around a table and are dealt two cards each. Then as play commences, bets are made and raised based on what they think they could bet to maximise the return from other players. In total, five cards are laid out on the table which everyone can see. It is your job to make the best matches using five cards (including the 2 that you hold).
  •       The Gameplay – The objective is to have the best hand (sequences of cards) out of all the players in online poker, but you also want to win their chips. So, bets are made throughout the game as new cards are placed down and people’s hands build in wealth. Poker players, therefore, try and swindle more cash out of other players under the guise that they can make the best hand possible.
  •       Winning- If you have the best hand then you win all the chips that were bet, if two or more people have the best hand then the pot is split between them, if you lose all your chips then you are out!

What are the Best Hands in Online Poker?

Now that you have a gist of the rules, you need to know what hands are the ones you want to keep hold of when playing poker at the online casino. These are the hands in their ascending hierarchy:

  1.     Highest card – No hands on the table, who’s got the highest card then?
  2.     One pair – Two cards of matching numbers
  3.     Two pair – Speaks for itself
  4.     Three of a kind – Goes without saying!
  5.     Straight – 5 cards in numerical order
  6.     Flush – 5 cards of the same suit
  7.     Full House – A pair and a three of a kind
  8.     Four of a kind – Easy peasy
  9.     Straight flush – A flush and a straight, what could be simpler

10.   Royal flush – The jackpot, an ascending straight over royalty all of the same suit

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