Jet-X: New Age Game from Smartsoft Gaming

Jet-X: New Age Game from Smartsoft Gaming

JetX is a cutting-edge slot machine attraction from Smartsoft Gaming that takes online gaming to the next level. The game transforms the usual notion of slot machines for any amount of money online by providing a unique gaming experience. Jet X is a new innovative game in which the player determines how much money he wants to win and when to collect his earnings. The main aim of Jet X is for players to have time to pick up their payment, which is increasing in size rapidly before the airplane crashes.

The Jetx slot machine is a game of chance that allows the player to win or lose money.

The JetX slot machine from Smartsoft Gaming is based on the mechanics of an explosion. Your goal is to predict at what altitude the plane will be before it explodes, and you need to do this in order to win money. At first glance, it may seem simple enough, but predicting how high the multiplier will be is actually quite difficult.

The game airplane for money – an interesting and essential game for any player. The advantages of this game:

  • the opportunity to make a large profit with a small investment.
  • This was an extraordinarily difficult and time-consuming process for the game;
  • Keep it simple.

The slot’s look and feel are defined by the theme.

The moment players begin their Jetx gaming sessions, they will be immersed in a vintage atmosphere. What makes this game special and attractive is its retro design. Users see a sand plane flying across the screen during gameplay with a backdrop of grey clouds and different shades of black.

The Jet X slot machine is designed with a pleasant, user-friendly interface. The main playing field appears on the screen as the aircraft gains altitude. Clouds will appear on the screen, and then space.

The primary buttons for engaging with the game are visible under the playing field, which include a range of possibilities.

  • Bet – setting the size of the airplane bet;
  • Collect – setting the stop of the gameplay when the specified coefficients are reached;
  • Place your bet – place your own bet;
  • Place your next bet – place your next bet;

Cancel – If you cancel your bet, you will not be able to claim the jackpot prize. The display on the left side of the screen shows the odds from the previous round. On the right, you can see other players’ bets, chat with them, and view Jet X game strategy.

Players can use the following buttons to interact with the game:

  1. Start – start the game;
  2. Stop – stop the game;
  3. Help – open the help section;
  4. Exit – close the game.


Jet X is a new, innovative game that challenges players’ perception of slot machines. The aim of the game is to provide a unique gaming experience that is both exciting and rewarding. With its cutting-edge graphics and user-friendly interface, Jet X is sure to become a favourite among online gamers.

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