Lost Ark: Best Ways To Make Gold

Lost Ark: Best Ways To Make Gold

By the time you reach tier one of a content tier in Lost Ark, the chances are high that you are drowning in silver. Unlike most other MMORPGs, these two currencies are actually separate entities. Most of your gear is purchased with silver, whereas lost ark gold is essential to upgrading tier 1 gear from Level 1 to Level 2 and onwards until reaching top-tier gear. There are many ways to make a lot of gold in Lost Ark. Some ways are easier but require you to have a lot of time to dedicate to the game if you are trying to make large amounts of gold. The most common ways to make gold in Lost Ark are:

Lost Ark: Relatable Things Every Player Does

This seems like a pretty difficult situation to get out of, but you are able to solve your gold scarcity by simply farming more silver coins. It’s important, though, that you not just rush around slaying every monster and picking up every chest because while it might seem to be the most effective way of getting more gold at first, as you progress further into end game dungeons, zones, etc.

Sell Gear Honing Materials 

This means that even in the late game, you cannot solve your gold shortage by simply farming more silver coins. However, gold is truly scarce and is not easily found anywhere in the world. Before we present you with a few reliable ways to get your hands on gold, here’s why this element should be considered valuable. Try joining a local guild or community of players and complete requests for Sylmael Bloodstones to exchange for Gear Honing materials. If you have a surplus of precious Pirate Coins, there is also the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel to be found in any major city with docked ships to exchange for materials. Although Gear Honing materials are very useful due to their versatility, you might want to wait to auction them until you’ve reached a respectable level yourself because they are tradeable as well.

Level Up Your Trade Skills

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s always some weird guy in mailboxes around your home or why your dog suddenly has this odd look on his face, it’s because he’s just sniffed out a letter from somebody who wants you to make him/her some arrows. Sometimes the actions we undertake are so insignificant in how the world functions that we rarely pay attention to them.¬†


Trade Skill materials might be used for less than admirable reasons, but that doesn’t really matter. as long as you retain control of their paths. Trade Skill materials can be sold at the Auction House to players with more gold and less time to grind, but perhaps you have a fine business acumen to supply your own Stronghold members.¬†

Sell Adventurer’s Tome Collectibles

The next items on the must-have list are Adventurer’s Tome collectibles. If you open up your Adventurer’s Tome to any content you have traveled to, you should see a bunch of items beneath the collectibles column. To fill out this devotional item, you will need to kill bosses or mobs to collect an absurd amount of these items. This devotional can be farmed, but many prefer buying from fellow players because the drop rate is abysmal, which means that its price can soar during peak hours in the Auction House as there is such a low supply for many.

Complete Chaos Gates

Another great source for crafting is your Guild House. Your guild members also have valuable materials to trade since many of them will be taking part in the same activities as you. To find the nearest Guild House, check the Calendar or the Event Alerts on the Top Left side of your screen.

You will know when a Chaos Gate is opening and when it is safe to travel to the area. From there, wait for the Chaos Gate to spawn in order for it to open. When you kill one of the monsters there, you will be rewarded with Rift Tokens which correspond to various items, including gear honing materials.

Complete Abyssal Dungeons

Maraudon is the dungeon for those challenging themselves to get the most mount kills possible. The dungeon can be completed once a week per character, and with each completion comes a treasure chest that contains gold pieces. However, there is a limit of six chests that you can open before more gold is no longer given out.

Final Thoughts:

The game Lost Ark is a complex, interesting, and fun game with a lot of potential to make gold if you know how to do it. This guide will help you to get the best out of this game and make the most gold in the game without wasting time and effort.

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