The People Most Searched Cryptocurrency is Dogecoin in the USA

The People Most Searched Cryptocurrency is Dogecoin in the USA

Dogecoin cryptocurrency started in December 2013 as a meme coin against bitcoin. this currency is backed by the Shiba Inu. They do not have any goal to launch it properly against bitcoin. But with the passage of time, it gains popularity and gets a drastic change in the doge within a couple of years. In this scenario, the developers are conscious to launch it and back it with proper attention and care. 

This meme cryptocurrency is also known as the alt cryptocurrency of the main bitcoin. They have their own blockchain system consisting of thousands of linked computers throughout the world to make complex computation tasks.

Why is dogecoin the most searched cryptocurrency in the USA?

There have multiple reasons for which dogecoin has the most searched cryptocurrency in the USA. the survey conducted by coin insider that dogecoin has search in 23 states of the USA, including Nebraska, Florida, and Michigan.

Elon musk’s tweets

Elon musk’s tweets boom the dogecoin price on the crypto trading platforms. There is an estimation that 30 percent gain in the price of the dogecoin after the Elon musk tweet.

The employee of the space x project asked Elon musk to do so. Elon musk tweeted again after some days about the promotion of dogecoin that he eat the happy meal on live tv if MacDonald accepted the dogecoin cryptocurrency in return for it. 

Efficient blockchain system.

Dogecoin has its own blockchain system spread around the whole world. They record the transaction record on the online ledger computed at the blockchain system. Their blockchain system is equipped with the latest technology and has the power to compute complex transactions within minutes. The computation is powered by thousands of miners, and in return, they earn the dogecoin and they are free to sell them or exchange them.

Dogecoin computation against bitcoin

The computation of any blockchain system is the backbone of the core system. If the calculation has slower and takes a large time to show the outcomes, that has being very harsh for the miner, because their computer’s resources have use aggressively, while the return has very low. Despite that, the miner likes to adopt that blockchain system which takes less time to computation and gives high rewards. Furthermore, the dogecoin blockchain system provides the facility of solving complex problems within a minute, while the bitcoin blockchain system solves complex problems in 10 minutes. In this view, now the people are reluctant to use the bitcoin blockchain system irrespective of the dogecoin blockchain system.

No market cap of Dogecoin

There is a number of pros and cons to the market cap of any cryptocurrency. Suppose there is a market cap on the cryptocurrency. In that case, the supply of that currency has limit and, if the demand for that currency increased, the price has automatically increased like bitcoin. In contrast to this dogecoin has no market cap and every day there are millions of new coins in the market like altcoin exchanges. This role assists in, not increasing the price change drastically and spontaneously. It is a great incentive for the miners. They have millions and billions of dogecoin for mining. 


Dogecoin is the best for short-term investing and for reselling purposes. You can buy the dogecoin cryptocurrency for under 1 dollar and sell them after the rise in the price. You can get the maximum benefit within a short period of time. Furthermore, due to no market cap, it becomes the most volatile meme currency in the crypto market. Kucoin furnished an easy solution to solve the trading problems of dogecoin. You can just link the third-party wallet or Kucoin’s wallet and start trading. Kucoin does not charge the fee on the transaction for the newbie. New investors and traders get exposure to dogecoin by the opportunity given by the Kucoin.

Resultantly, after the above discussion, there are tons of valid reasons to explain why dogecoin is the most searchable cryptocurrency in the USA, irrespective of its doge price. People like to buy the meme cryptocurrencies having their own blockchain system better than bitcoin and Ethereum. They are more fast and easy to operate rather than any other cryptocurrency in the crypto market.

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