YouTube banner for gaming channel

YouTube banner for gaming channel

YouTube banner for gaming channel

Being a game player, you have probably thought about what is better to put as your channel header. It may be just an abstract image or a specifically designed picture — everything depends on specificities of your content. In this article, we will talk about a free YouTube banner maker online that will guide you in making fantastic header for your gaming channel with minimum effort and maximum outcome.

What should your banner contain?

First, you should clarify what you want to place on your banner. Consider its size — it would not be possible to place everything here, but you can choose some most crucial information you want your followers and newcomers to know. It can be:

  • information about your other pages and websites (Instagram, FB, Twitch, etc.);
  • schedule of releasing videos if any;
  • the genres you prefer (for example, if you specialize in horrors, detectives, etc.);
  • some images to build associations with your content.

The other points depend on your fantasy.

Working on a banner in VistaCreate

To understand how to work in the VistaCreate tool, you don’t need much time or effort. It is a simple visual editor with plenty of possibilities for people who are not advanced users of such tools. The process of creating will not take much steps:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click «Make Channel Art».
  3. Log in.
  4. Choose a template and edit it.

If you have a custom concept, you’re free to use separate objects for the picture from scratch. Then, just download it in a suitable format (there are seven available).

YouTube headers are usually unnoticed, but if you prefer to use every piece of space reasonably, it may become your advantage. VistaCreate helps make high-quality images for any purpose, and to make a banner you should not be an expert. Just go and try, and you’ll see!

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