Talking about Few Major DOTA 2 Tournaments and their Prize Pool In Detail

There are a lot of big Dota 2 tournaments going on right now, and the players who win these tournaments make a lot of money. Even if you do not play tourneys but watch them or read about them online, there is sometimes a considerable amount of interest in some of the larger ones, with thousands watching live and hundreds of thousands watching live on Twitch or through other streaming services. Here is a list of the popular ones that are happening right now.

Which is the biggest Dota 2 tournament till now?

The biggest tournament at the moment, with over $6 million up for grabs in total prize money and fan donations, will be taking place throughout October and November, with only European teams at present. This event is sponsored by Valve, who founded the game Dota 2 and is considered the next big thing after The International. This particular event will be streamed on Twitch, so if you want to watch it, you can.

What are Dota 2 tournaments, Frankfurt Major?

The Frankfurt Major 2015 is similar in concept to The International and features 16 teams from worldwide. This Dota 2 event will be held at the Festhalle Messe in Frankfurt, Germany, between November 13th and 21st, 2015 with a purse of $3 million up for grabs.

The Regional qualifiers of the Frankfurt Major 2015 are currently ongoing until November 15th, 2015, determining which teams get to proceed to the main event. This will be held between November 13th and 21st 2015, with the main event streamed on Twitch by the Frankfurt Major, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Summit 4 is currently ongoing, with the winners announced on November 22nd, 2015. The winner of this event will take $100,000 home with them, so it is eagerly contested. This tournament is streamed on Twitch by Beyond the Summit based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The Dota 2 tournaments League is back for its fifth season, with teams currently competing to win the top prize of $125,000. Over one hundred professional teams are participating in this event which will go through December 4th, 2015, and January 8th, 2016. This tournament is streamed on Twitch by Beyond the Summit based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Talking about Dota 2 Tournaments Held in South East Asia

This tournament features a $230k prize pool and is currently all happening in South East Asia with teams from China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. It has live broadcasts and online streaming to make it easy for people across the world to watch all of the action. And as nformed by the sources the finals will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

These Dota 2 tournaments are currently in qualifiers, with the end of year finals still to be announced, but it has over $287k up for grabs already and will be taking place throughout Europe. With only one game left to go so far, this popular tournament is sure to grow as teams fight their way through to the finals at Dreamhack Winter in Sweden.

This is the only Dota 2 tournaments being run in China at present. Still, it has a massive $2 million prize pool with teams able to compete from countries all over Asia, including Malaysia, China, Singapore, and other Asian countries. It’s looking to be exciting with many online streams already showing live games.

The World Cyber Arena 2015 will be held between November 27th and December 4th 2015 at the National Convention Center in Beijing, China. The total prize pool is $650,000, half of that going to the winning team. The tournament is only open to teams from China, Russia, and Southeast Asia, so it will be interesting to see who wins this Dot 2 tournaments. This event is being streamed on Twitch by Beyond the Summit based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

These tournaments are all currently taking place and you can watch the streams online. If you love watching Dota 2 tournaments, any of these tournaments will be interesting to see as they have a lot going – huge prize pools, exciting games and players from all over the world.

The Nanyang Championships are Dota 2 tournaments featuring the best teams from China and South East Asia. The event will be held between November 26th and December 5th 2015, with over $200,000 up for grabs as the total prize fund and fan donations. This event is streamed on Twitch by KeyTV based in NanYang, China.

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