Frostpunk The Last Autumn CODEX Free Download

Frostpunk The Last Autumn CODEX Free Download

Frostpunk, The Last Autumn, is a free PC game by the Ocean of Games. In the game, you will learn about the tragic events that happened in the grim world of Forstpunk. “The Last Autumn” is one of the parts of the Frostounk and a part of the Expansion.


Frostpunk, The Last Autumn, is the prequel for the rest of the game. The players are IEC subordinates and have to build a generation at Site 113.

Furthermore, this generator is meant for the people who live in Liverpool. Also, there are a lot of deadlines throughout the process. If you fail, then you need to do the same task again.


Most of the time, the temperature is something you do not need to worry about. Other games have a temperature setting of -20 degrees or -30 degrees, even -40 degrees in some hard mode. But for this scenario, the temperature is +10 degrees.

Also, in the winter months, the temperature decreases slowly, giving you enough time to complete the events.


Recently they have replaced the Hope meter with the Motivation meter. Both are very similar, except the Motivation meter is split into 3 separate units. The 1st unit means your productivity level is -30%, the 2nd unit is +0%, and when it is at the 3rd unit, it is more than 30%.

Another major difference is that when the motivation is at 0, nothing will happen, but in hope, when it was 0, you need to start the event again from the beginning.


Many workers will go on strikes for many reasons and will demand different benefits to continue work. Some of the demands are basic essential things, whereas some are outright obnoxious.

If you side with engineers, then you can break the strike but at a price. Most of the strikes happen in construction sites which is related to the generator.

Also, if you side with the workers, you need to negotiate with the companies with “Collective Bargaining.”

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