Rules to Play Basketball without Glitch

Rules to Play Basketball without Glitch

How do I play basketball following the rules? Can someone guide me through my basketball learning to become a successful player? 

Hola Amigos! Are you looking for some concrete sports info on the rules of playing basketball?

Well, you’ve hit the right goal website to give you crisp basic information on the rules you must adhere to.

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Objective of the game

The reason for playing basketball is to dribble the ball through opponents and hoop it into their net. This enables your team to outscore the opponent team.  

Handy Equipment Required before Playing Basketball 

Apart from the rules, it would help if you had these gears on you to play well;

  1. Choose proper equipment for playing basketball, like basketball shoes to avoid injuries, basketball shorts to look professional, a basketball to practice journey on shooting skills, and a basketball hoop to kickstart your journey.
  2. Ensure physical fitness with proper diet and exercise for physical and mental preparation for the game. 

Skills Required to Play Basketball

Basketball is all about throwing the ball into the opponent’s hoop. But go through these basics to get professional knowledge;

  • Dribbling

This is a crucial skill requiring a lot of patience and practice to become a pro. Initially dribble with two hands and then run in a court and do the same once you’re familiar to confuse the opponent with your moves.

  • Running & Agility

Your legs are the vital source to get success in the game. So give them ample training and footwork drills like mass defense, jump rope, foot ups, v-cut, etc., gives you excellent body balance and avoid injuries.

  • Defense

You must have an excellent defensive team to score more points and block the opponent. 

  • Ball handling, passing, and shooting

You must have a knack for holding the ball, focused on passing and catching the ball from a teammate, and use the power of both your arms and legs to pocket the ball in the opponent’s hoop. 

With this vital sports info, let’s delve into the rules of playing basketball!

General Rules You Must Adhere to Playing Basketball 

  • Choosing the basketball

This factor depends on age and gender. For example, a size seven ball is for professional men and high school students (only men). On the other hand, size six is suitable for boys (between 12 and 14) and girls and women ages 12 upward.

  • Players 

No matter what league, the players in each team are usually 5. 

  • Positions

Each team has a specific position to get assembled. Some are Point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.

  • Kickball violation

Never are you allowed to kick the ball! Otherwise, the opponent gets an additional score. 

  • Duration

It depends on the league you play. But the standard is 48 mins with four quarters and 12 minutes long.

Basic but Golden Rules in Basketball

Now let’s go in a bit deep to get some backbone rules to foreground your understanding;

  • You can throw the ball anywhere using both hands, except the fist. It must be in your hand and not the body or arms while holding
  • You cannot run with the ball but must pass it to your teammates to avoid opponent hindrances.
  • Never must you dash or injure another person while running or passing the ball. Once you are counted as foul, the next time, it will lead to disqualification.
  • A goal is considered if you hoop it into the net. So even if it is at the edge and the opponent shakes it, it is regarded as a goal. 
  • When the ball goes off the court, the umpire can throw it back in. if the player holds it for more than 5 seconds, it has to go to the opponent’s hand. 
  • You will get a 5 minutes rest between 15-minute halves.
  • The team with the highest goal is the winner.

Passing the Ball to You

So now it’s time to kickstart your basketball training to become a renowned player. Keep these rules while you play basketball to avoid foul play and injuries.

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