What Is Hearthstone Esports? It’s Future And Other Details

What Is Hearthstone Esports? It’s Future And Other Details

Hearthstone Esports is an e-Sports game of the card game Hearthstone created by Blizzard Entertainment. The arena where you can compete with other players to become champions is called ‘Grind.’ There are 1v1 and 2v2 game modes available.

What is Hearthstone esports?

First, I want to explain what exactly Hearthstone E-sports is about. This game is a card game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2014. The rules are pretty straightforward. You have to create your deck by choosing cards from the ones you own and playing them against other players who do the same thing with their decks. The last one alive or when someone dies because of fatigue is declared the winner.

You can choose from 9 different classes that have their power. As you win games, new cards are unlocked, and you will be able to improve your deck a lot more. You can also use in-game gold or real money to buy the packs containing random cards, yet it’s not necessary if you want to keep playing.

Where to play Hearthstone Esports?

You can play Hearthstone on PC or Laptop, but mobile versions are also available for iOS and Android devices. There is no big difference between playing on a phone or computer except some small things like navigating the map because the mouse is easier to use then finger to point where you want to go. When it comes to ideal conditions for playing, it’s best to use earbuds because small sounds can give you an advantage. You should not ask your opponent to play in a very quiet place, because that would be unfair.

It is pretty simple if you want to start playing Hearthstone: choose the class and collect cards! There are some small things like choosing 2 types of heroes, which means choosing between ‘aggressive’ or ‘defensive’ styles. Although it’s up to you which one you will start with, but it is recommended that 2nd type should be the other one, because then you can play more defensive if needed instead of always attacking your enemy.

What future doe Hearthstone Esports Helds?

When it comes to future, I have to say that it’s very bright. Of course there are some problems that could be improved, but they are not big issues that should stop you from playing. When I’m talking about future, I mean things like tournaments. Even you can also start your own business and become a partner of company who is organizing those tournaments. With experience that you will gain by playing Hearthstone, you can be almost sure that your business will not go to the bottom line – it will be very profitable! There are already some Hearthstone teams like ‘Fade 2 Karma’ or ‘Hearthlytics’ taking part in ‘Challenging Arena’. They are playing in Europe and America, so if you want to support them, check out their pages: HearthstoneF2K and Hearthlytics.

You should also know that companies like Coca-Cola or Monster Energy invest a lot of money, which means that it will be hard to stop this game from becoming the best E-Sports game ever. More and more tournaments with higher prize pools because of that, which will attract even more great players – it’s a win-win situation for all of us!

At last I have to say that Hearthstone Esports is one of my favorite games. It is so fun to play it because you can just relax and after some time, you feel very good because of the satisfaction you got from playing. I highly recommend it for everyone – beginner or pro player – it is a game where everybody can be happy! (KiNG, 2015)

How does Hearthstone make an impact to the E-Sport scene?

Hearthstone creates an impact to the E-Sport scene by rewarding its player base with substantial prizes. Hearthstone rewards players by giving out cash prizes through tournament play. For example, Season 4 of Blizzard’s Hearthstone Championship Tour awarded $1 million. (Moses, 2015)

Because of the substantial cash prizes awarded, players must be at their best to compete for these rewards. This creates a greater demand for competition in the Hearthstone E-Sports scene. Having more competition can lead to better games overall because of this increased demand, which benefits everyone watching.

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