Why travel to Sydney with Airport VIP service?

Why travel to Sydney with Airport VIP service?

Australia’s crown jewel is undoubtedly Sydney. Did you know Sydney Rock Oysters are only grown on the east coast of Australia? They are very unique and extremely rare with 38000 oysters sold in the world only 1 is a Sydney Rock Oyster! Well, you don’t want to miss that! Once you arrive in Sydney, Universal Sky Services is dedicated to ensuring you meticulous treatment from the time you arrive at the airport where your trip begins to our meet and greet service.

Why travel to Sydney?

Until now, there hasn’t been quite as luxurious an experience on offer on the harbor city’s doorstep.

East 33 (SID – MELB – BRIS) the leading purveyor of famous Sydney Rock Oysters, and Cloudy Bay, New Zealand’s greatest wine manufacturers, are changing that with their Natural Wonders Experience in January.

With Natural Wanders Experience You get the continent’s best Food + Wine + Travel Encounter!

Why travel with Airport VIP service?

Whether it’s your first on hundreds visit to Australia, we invite you to experience this south after continent in true glam:

  • At Sydney Airport you will be Fast Track or Expedite through immigration and customs upon international arrival or Fast Track or Expedite through check-in and security upon your departure with our VIP Fast Track service.
  • VIP meet & greet arrival by your private airport concierge in Sydney Airport
  • Private one hour scenic charter from Rose Bay (Sydney) up to north coast of NSW
  • Private tour of Wallis Lake and Sydney Rock Oyster Farm by East 33
  • The course lunch paired with Cloudy Bay wines
  • Private charter over Sydney Harbour to your hotel

Limited tickets are available, reserve your VIP Arrival and Departure experience in Sydney Airport with Universal Sky Services and inquire with our Concierge Team on how to book your wine & oyster connoisseur tour!

If Not Now When?

Avoid long lines during your arrival or departure from Sydney Airport with our VIP services and assistance. We remove the stress and the hassles and we leave you to enjoy a fabulous travel experience in Sydney or more. We assist you from your car to the check-in counter to the VIP airport lounge…all the way to the aircraft entrance and everything in between. This is traveling the way it should be in comfort and style. Our VIP agents are experienced, unobtrusive, reliable, and ready to meet all your needs.







*starting only from $375 for two

Contact Universal Sky Services for a quick and stress-free airport journey:


Email Us: reservations@usvipservices.com

WhatsApp and Viber: +1 305 394 1559 

Call: +1 855 575 98 47

Explore Sydney, stay safe, and let us turn these moments into memories!



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